Knowledge Search
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DeepJudge is an AI-powered knowledge search that helps legal professionals swiftly find and leverage insights from large document and knowledge management systems. By understanding the true intent behind a search query, DeepJudge surfaces relevant language from your entire document collection no matter how large.

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You don’t need to know the keywords.
Our AI-powered knowledge search speaks your language.

fraudulent accounting practices
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Secure and simple integration

Provides a secure, single sign-on to enterprise information systems, including Microsoft SharePoint and iManage Work, either on-premise or a secure cloud.

Taxonomy classification

Automatically classifies each document into an extensive taxonomy for easy filtering

AI-predicted tags

Adds AI-predicated tags to enrich the metadata tags and provide more structure information for each document.

Data visualization

Provides a dashboard overview to immediately gain insights about the content and patterns of the document and knowledge management systems.