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Legal teams are more overloaded than ever: suffering from slow processes and inefficiencies, they spend a vast amount of time working on tedious low-level tasks that can be automated with DeepJudge.

Founded by four Machine Learning PhDs, with over 20+ years of combined experience with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing at scale, DeepJudge sets a new bar in context-aware legal document understanding. The resulting efficiency gains provide a real competitive advantage to our customers.

Legal tech stands not only for disruption, but also for empowerment. And AI in particular will empower lawyers to do their jobs even better.

Ioannis Martinis

Head of Legal Tech, Coop Rechtsschutz AG

The next-generation AI-powered context-sensitive legal document processing platform.

Smartify Documents

DeepJudge can automatically highlight important information and smartify documents by augmenting them with external data sources such as codes of law, court rulings, registries of commerce and encyclopedias. With our document smartification, all the information lawyers need is at most one click away. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

Our workflow

Upload any document

AI analyzes and extracts important information

Enter interactive augmented document view

Context-sensitive Anonymization

DeepJudge can anonymize sensitive information automatically and with full context understanding. The ability to reason about context sets our AI well apart from existing tools that merely check for the occurrence of predefined categories of words. Our AI also learns from user interactions such as undoing the AI’s suggested redactions or adding further redactions.

Our workflow

Upload any text document

AI detects sensitive information

Review and edit the AI's redactions

Export redacted document

Our document understanding Engine... your workflow

With our multi-task document understanding AI at hand, Legaltech finally lives up to its promises and we are currently prototyping several additional applications:


In-house Document Search
Research is the starting point for any legal team approaching a new case and often the key factor to success. DeepJudge helps you to find what really matters.

Template Generation
Everything has been done, just not by everybody. Re-using similar existing documents when drafting new ones is a game-changer for productivity in any company.

Document Comparison
DeepJudge can automatically compare documents across in-house databases, for instance, to find duplicates or related document versions.

Partners, Awards, and Associations
InnosuisseVenture KickAI CenterSwiss LegalTech AssociationETH Spin-off


When AIs are “born” (initialized in technical terms), they are all created equally (randomly in fact). All the differences in performance, trustworthiness and interpretability are a result of the AI’s learning process.

The learning process and training data we use is of-course our well-kept company secret.

Here is what we can say:

Trained on terabytes of publicly available data, our multi-lingual AI has an unprecedented level of context-sensitive understanding of legal concepts and legal language.

Context-awareness is the quantum leap that separates DeepJudge from decades-old word-counting based tools.

Context-awareness is perhaps best understood by analogy with the popular board game “Taboo”: the goal of the game is to communicate a word or concept without mentioning it. The crux, of course, is to leverage the context of the word.

This is exactly what makes DeepJudge stand out: DeepJudge recognizes and understands concepts without them even being mentioned explicitly.

Award-winning Team

DeepJudge was founded by four Machine Learning PhDs with over 20+ years of combined experience with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing at scale.

Our founders received several medals in Computer Science and Theoretical Physics for their outstanding research.

Our founding team has multiple years of professional experience with large scale Machine Learning at leading US tech companies.

DeepJudge is supported by distinguished advisors from academia and industry that have themselves built and run highly successful companies.

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