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change of control that triggers a payment

Software Licensing Agreement between J23 and Access Holdings

5.2: Change of Control and Financial Obligations: In the event that the licensee undergoes a change of control, defined as the transfer of more than 50% of its ownership interests, a remuneration commitment shall be triggered under this agreement. The payment shall be equal to 10% of the total considerationā€¦

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At DeepJudge, security, privacy, and compliance have been ingrained into our foundation since day one. Whether running on-premises or within a secured cloud environment, we ensure the utmost protection. Our commitment includes guaranteed adherence to access rights permissions and ethical walls.

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DeepJudge handles hundreds of millions of documents, and any amount of users, accelerating knowledge retrieval for legal professionals.


Our proprietary fusion of vector search, powered by deep learning-based LLMs, and classical enterprise search enhances semantic comprehension for natural language queries ensuring that search results are derived from a deep understanding of the underlying intent.

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šŸŽ‰ Tony Ensinger joins DeepJudge as the new Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Strategy

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