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Knowledge Search that works.

Founded by ex-Googlers with PhDs in AI from ETH, DeepJudge offers advanced context-based understanding and processing of legal documents. Our multilingual AI utilizes the latest breakthroughs in large language models to assist your core workflows.

Your competitive edge lies in your experience and expertise. Access it with ease.

Benefits of Search that Works:

Pitching to a new client?

Win new business by immediately locating the most similar internal matters.

Drafting a contract?

Access all previously written clauses with ease.

Looking for the best people?

Empower your team with the latest technology and stay competitive in the war for talent.

Smart Semantic Search

DeepJudge revolutionizes search by enabling you to truly leverage the power of your company's collective knowledge. Insight and information hidden across millions of documents is now at your fingertips with one simple search.

You don't need to know the keywords. Our AI-powered search engine speaks your language.

Press and Media

Our lastest media coverage, award announcements, press releases, and more

Mehr als nur künstliche Intelligenz

ETH-Alumna Paulina Grnarova will mittels künstlicher Intelligenz die Arbeitsweise im Rechtswesen Revolutionieren...

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Swiss Fintech Awards Winners Share Ambitions

The young company, which has so far targeted the legal sector, hopes the exposure will help it expand to the financial industry...

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Holistic contextual AI-based document processing

ETH LegalTech spin-off DeepJudge assists law firms, corporations, and courts by making data-sensitive administrative work more efficient...

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DeepJudge wins CHF 150,000 in final stage of VentureKick

DeepJudge’s software offers a next-generation AI-powered context-sensitive legal document processing platform...

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Rechtsinformatik Seminar, Bundesamt für Justiz

For the 21st year in a row, cantonal and federal authorities together with key players from the private industry are meeting to discuss evolutions in #legaltechnology

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Forbes 30 under 30: Die Werkzeuge der Anwaltschaft revolutionieren

Mit ihrem Jungunternehmen Deep Judge stellt Grnarova Anwälten neue Werkzeuge zur Verfügung...

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“Tu es einfach!” Women in Business

Als Doktoranden an der ETH Zürich haben wir uns auf das Verständnis von Texten mit Hilfe von KI spezialisiert...

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A Smart Use of AI

Our platform is designed to revolutionise the way lawyers and other legal professionals work...

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Unlocking Your Firm's Knowledge with Semantic Search

Law firms and legal departments struggle with accessing enterprise documents efficiently. Traditional keyword-based search engines are slow and unreliable. DeepJudge offers a secure and scalable semantic search engine for legal documents, providing quick access to relevant information. The transition to semantic search is crucial for improved legal strategies and efficient document management.

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Partners, Awards and Associations

DeepJudge is the first ETH AI center spinoff representing startups who turn their research into products to enter the global arena of AI-first solutions.

Our mission stood up to the competition in front of various industry juries and we are grateful for receiving significant financial support from Venture Kick Stage 1-3, SNF Bridge and Innobooster by Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

Since our incorporation in early 2021, our journey didn’t go unnoticed and we are excited to have received various prestigious awards including Forbes 30under30, Digital Shapers and Swiss Fintech Awards.

Meet our Team of Experts

Coming right from the frontier of AI research, our founding team of AI experts redefines the role of legaltech solutions in legal practice. Equipped with four PhDs in AI and 5+ years of experience in big tech companies, we know how to build AI systems that deliver the levels of quality, reliability and privacy that legal workflows demand.




During her PhD Paulina has seen the AI revolution first hand at ETH and Google and decided it is time to challenge the status quo in legaltech with her own team of AI experts. While her PhD connected researchers from OpenAI, Google Brain, and ETH Zurich, it's now her mission at DeepJudge to connect the legal world with AI technology.



Kevin is a physicist turned computer scientist with a knack for data and algorithms. Kevin holds a PhD in Machine Learning from ETH Zürich. He was awarded the ETH Medal in Physics and has worked at Google Brain in Berlin and Microsoft Research in Cambridge UK.



Yannic is our all-rounder: beyond his experience as a software engineer, his PhD at ETH and work at Google AI Language have put him in the forefront of training, building and deploying ML models. He is now leading the technical developments at DeepJudge.


Head of Research

Florian has a passion for text data and designs our core document understanding AI. During his PhD at ETH he focused on AI models that generate text and worked with Typewise on the future of predictive keyboards.



Machine Learning Engineer

Dimitri is fascinated by algorithms and programs of all kinds. He’s especially interested in the intersection of AI and artistic applications, e.g. artificially generating music. After graduating as a Bachelor in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, his passion for applications of AI has led him to DeepJudge, where he applies the latest AI research to make people’s lives just a little bit easier.


Machine Learning Engineer

Marvin is a software developer currently studying at ETH Zurich, where his interest in AI & the application of it to natural language has led him to DeepJudge. He is currently working as part of the ML team to do research and help further develop the product.


Senior Software/MLOps Engineer

Jürgen studied computer science and has several years of experience in software engineering and software architecture in different industries (life science, finance, insurance). He is fascinated about combining Software Engineering with Machine Learning/AI and building new solutions based on that. He is currently working on his M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence.


Software Engineer

Lukas is a software engineer who is passionate about creating fast and modern products using cutting-edge technology, a mission which is well aligned with his role at DeepJudge. Prior to joining, he studied Computer Science at ETH Zurich and was a part of the Code Expert Development team and acted as a board member of the student association VIS.


Business Development

Aashna is curious about the world of AI, and sees tremendous potential in using language as a way to connect people and make technology more widely accessible. She is currently starting her Master’s in Electrical Engineering at ETH Zürich, and is supporting DeepJudge part-time in our mission to revolutionise the legal industry!


Software Engineer

Jonas is finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich and likes to see his work change a product for the better. He thinks that DeepJudge’s vision has huge potential and is glad to help transform it into reality. He also works as Student Teaching Assistant at ETH and is a board member of the association of computer science students and helps keep their infrastructure running.


Software Engineer

Philippe studied computer science at ETH Zurich and is passionate about building polished and performant software. Philippe considers himself as a generalist and is comfortable working in any part of the stack. He joined DeepJudge to create a modern software experience that empowers employees in the legal industry.


Software Engineer

Jason is a software engineer whose interests in AI and law have brought him to DeepJudge, where he applies his knowledge of the latest technologies to make searching less of a hassle. He is currently studying computer science at ETH Zurich and acts as president of the association of computer science students.


Machine Learning Intern

Paula is excited about applications of recent developments in Machine Learning to real-world problems. She is currently taking a break from her Master's in Computer Science at ETH Zurich to join DeepJudge and help us bring AI to the legal industry.


Business Development

With several years of experience in sales and business development, and a strong passion for AI, Artem bring a unique perspective to the team. He holds a Master's degree in Engineering and Business Management from EPFL, and is always looking for ways to leverage emerging technologies and stay ahead of the curve.


Executive Assistant

Viktoriia is passionate about tech and AI, and believes in a conscious implementation of AI tools to make our world better. She supports the DeepJudge team in everyday matters, administrative tasks, and social media, and will help take our internal workflows to the next level!


Product Designer

Jeanette is passionate about turning user flows into intuitive experiences that make sense. What excites her most is finding simplicity in complex surroundings and she strives to create user-friendly products that make a positive impact. Jeanette is committed to using her keen eye for detail to enhance the user experience of DeepJudge customers!


Machine Learning Engineer

Zai recently completed his computer science bachelor at ETH Zurich. He is a firm believer in the power of machine learning and is thrilled to apply cutting-edge techniques to create real-world solutions that boost efficiency and productivity in the legal field.