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Leverage proven arguments, clauses, templates, email content, precedents and more from your document and knowledge management system.
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Empower your team with the latest Large Language Model (LLM) technology and stay competitive in the war for talent.
share purchase agreement with earn-out

Stock Purchase Agreement between J23 and Access Holdings

1.6 Earn-out: (a) In addition to the Payments at Closing, Seller shall be eligible to receive additional payments ("Earn-Out Payments"), calculated and paid out on an annual basis with respect to the Earn-Out Years if the company achieves certain performance, ...

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DeepJudge swiftly retrieves relevant documents from your document and knowledge management system without requiring knowledge of exact keywords, saving legal professionals from time-consuming, error-prone searches.


No data is shared with any external third parties, protecting the privacy of client and enterprise information. DeepJudge can run on-premise or on a secure cloud, respecting the native security of your infrastructure.


DeepJudge can handle hundreds of millions of documents, and any amount of users, accelerating knowledge retrieval for legal professionals leveraging large enterprise document databases.

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