Leverage the power of your firm’s collective knowledge

Revolutionary for transactional lawyers, DeepJudge’s Knowledge Search brings insights and information hidden within your firm’s document databases to your fingertips with one simple search.

Powered by an award-winning AI that understands the true intent behind your query, we enable you to find previous deals, contracts and clauses effortlessly, like never before.

Transactional Law

Use Cases


Leverage your competitive edge by tapping into your own database of proven deals and contracts to easily reference just the right clause from your prior work product. Boost your drafting efficiency to stay ahead of the curve.


Accelerate contract review and leave no stone unturned. Input a contract term in natural language and instantly discover documents containing it, and relevant variations thereof.


Demonstrate your expertise during critical moments and win more business. Showcase an intimate familiarity with your firm’s track record by instantly searching through all your matters based on client requirements.

Simple and Reliable Integration

We provide secure, single sign-on to enterprise information systems, including Microsoft SharePoint and iManage Work, either on-premise or in a secure cloud. We respect the native security of your company’s infrastructure.

Semantic Search

You can use natural language or legal jargon, and don’t need to get the keywords right. Our concept-based Knowledge Search understands exactly what you’re looking for, and searches with ease over any document type.

Scalable & Secure

Our Knowledge Search is based on an award-winning proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) technology, and is the first legal semantic enterprise search that is capable of handling hundreds of millions of documents.

Protecting your data privacy is our top priority - we never share your information with external third parties.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Legal Search with AI-Powered Features

Auto-Classification by Document Type

Automatically classifies each contract into an extensive taxonomy of contract types for easier filtering.

AI-predicted Tags

Adds AI-predicted tags to enrich the metadata fields and provide more structured information for each document.

Data Visualization

Provides a dashboard overview to immediately gain insights of what is contained in the document collection.

Coming Soon - the Generative Future.

Using our AI-powered enterprise search as a basis, we are uniquely equipped to develop generative models that are accurate, reliable, secure and customised to your firm’s data and style. Stay tuned!

Contact us at info@deepjudge.ai to learn more. See team, media and more here.